Cowboys deserve this fate

News flash for Dallas Cowboys fans: This T.O. thing isn’t going to get any better.

The Cowboys fans who rejoiced when Terrell Owens joined the team should have known this is how the script was going to play out. If a dog pisses on your lawn, do you invite him to permanently live in your backyard and give him lots of biscuits and water?

Remember when T.O. played for the 49ers? He disrespected the star at midfield. Now that he has a pair of stars on his helmet and wads of money falling out of his pockets, has he changed? Of course not.

T.O. was, is and will be all about T.O. He’s a marvelous athlete, but he’ll never make a team better. He missed 14 straight workouts with the team, uses his own doctors, misses meetings and hasn’t played in an NFL game in 10 months.

For those of us who hate the Cowboys, his presence on that roster is a blessing. It’s a team that could contend for the NFC crown, but with this distraction, maybe they’ll finish last in the East. We can all hope for such blessings.


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