Common style issues listed

•    Attribution and sources

o    Make sure you attribute facts

o    Use a variety of sources; lots of students, not enough officials, faculty, experts, reports, etc.

•    Avoid opinion
o    “make sure …”
o    “hopefully” “fortunately”
o    “you should”
o    “let’s make it”
o    “I think”
o    “my recent poll”
o    “students should never feel trapped”

•    Avoid writing in general terms; be specific, use numbers and/or examples
o    “many websites”, “many popular sports”, “many students feel”
o    “some”
o    “most students”
o    “it seems”
o    “generally not funded”, “generally have to car pool”

•    Compound modifier  (page 333, AP Stylebook)
o    When two or more words that express a single concept precede a noun, use hyphens to link all the words in the compound except adverbs that end in –ly.
o    regular-season championship
o    seven-foot frame
o    bite-size pieces
o    gin-based drink
o    off-campus students

•    Its vs. their
o    UAlbany won 16 of its last 20 games
o    The Danes won 16 of their last 20 games

•    Over vs. more than
o    Use more than for numbers (Wilson averages more than 17 points per game, More than 100 people attended)
o    Use over for relative position (the blimp hovered over the stadium)

•    Dates and times
o    a.m. and p.m. (not AM, A.M., PM, P.M.)
o    in the morning (not in the a.m.)
o    abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. when writing dates, such as Feb. 21; spell out months if not part of a date (at the end of February)

•    Numbers/numerals (page 180, AP Stylebook)
o    Spell out numbers less than 10, unless writing about a child’s age, using a percentage, writing an address or sports score
o    Number one party school


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