Issue 2 stories ideas

Here’s a list of story ideas submitted by students for issue 2:

Dave Finnerman
SNL spoofs
Is voting necessary?

Victoria Pelletier
political bumper stickers

Audrey Mangini
1) absentee ballots and college students
2) Obama infomercial

Melissa French
1) Irving De John about his experience working on the Barack Obama campaign
2) Ben Jacobs, an active member in two political groups on campus- College Democrats and Students for Obama

Bridget Streeter
first-time voters

Tim Branfalt
bars on election night

Antonio Antenucci
1) Bush’s legacy
2) Electoral College

Melissa Currie
Saturday Night Live

Eugenia Cole
Tonko/Burhmaster debate

Larry Neadel
Obama infomercial

Anna Lempereur
NYPIRG group on campus


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