Credit card companies will find a way

They increase your rates without telling you, and they hit you with hidden fees.

We’ve heard of these credit card scams. Here are a few more sneaky ways the credit card companies can smack you around. In just the past 12 months:

  • One company changed its mailing address
  • One changed the account number
  • Another changed the due date. After more than a year of consistently being due on the 12th of the month, my latest Discover bill arrived a bit early. I opened to find the due date of the 8th.

I caught all these oddities because I’m cautious about such things. But I could have been burned. I use internet banking to pay my bills, so a changed account number or mailing address will screw up the ability to pay properly or on time when I’ve pre-programmed the account and mailing address on my bank’s website.

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