No INTs, Brett, please

This is a quickie … The other day I’m watching SportsCenter and they flash a stat about Brett Favre and how he’s thrown only three interceptions all year and there have been individual games in his career when he’s thrown more than three. It gave me a flashback and chills. Go back 11 years, the season the Minnesota Vikings should have won the Super Bowl. Gary Anderson hadn’t missed a kick all year, not a field goal, not an extra point. The Vikes were 15-1 and pounded Arizona in the first round of the playoffs. But Anderson missed a FG in the fourth quarter that would have given Minnesota a 10-point lead late in the NFC Championship Game against Atlanta, and we all know what happened after that.

So while the ride so far this year has been fun, and 1998 was a blast until the Falcons game (which was played in January 1999, by the way), let’s hope we don’t see an eerie resemblance. It could happen — Favre throws four picks against the Saints, Darren Sharper returns a couple of them for TDs, and the Vikings lose their fifth NFC Championship Game.

Chills. Brrrr.


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