How ’bout that, Cowboys!

There’s only one thing better than a playoff victory by the Minnesota Vikings — a playoff victory by the Vikings over the Dallas Cowboys.

Take that, Dallas.

The win was even more sweet a day later when the Cowboys fans whined about the extra touchdown that Minnesota tacked on in the last two minutes. It will never make up for the 1975 pass interference on Drew Pearson that was never called by the officials, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

Minnesota did almost everything right Sunday. The offensive line gave Brett Favre time to throw. Sidney Rice is proving to be one of the best receivers in the game. The defense came up big all day. Six sacks was great; 16 would have been even better. Down goes Romo! Down goes Romo! And the special teams played inspired football. Big tackles and no big plays allowed.

There was only one omission Sunday — no breakout run by Adrian Peterson. He hasn’t had an individual gain of 40+ yards or a game of 100+ yards since Nov. 15 against the Lions. Where’s the explosion? Are he and the o-line not in synch or are defenses so geared to stop him that he can’t find the open gaps? They had better find the answer before next Sunday if they hope to beat dem Saints.

Last thought on Mr. Favre. I wasn’t a fan when he work green and yellow or green and white. I was not happy when the Vikings pursued him nor when they signed him. Even after a 6-0 start, I wasn’t convinced. Minnesota should have been 6-0 without Favre with that lame early schedule. I am not converted, but I am happy he’s on our team now.

Skol Vikings!


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