I wonder …

I experienced a quick but strange pondering over the weekend. I saw a Yankee Candle on a shelf and thought, I wonder how well Yankee Candle sells in the south?

According to yankeecandle.com, there is one Yankee Candle store in all of Louisiana, one in Arkansas, two in Mississippi and four in Alabama. There are 12 in Georgia, 11 in South Carolina and 15 in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, there are 41 stores in New York and 66 in New England, including 34 in its home state of Massachusetts.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s stats show that those seven southern states have a population of 37,444,624. That’s one Yankee Candle store for every 814,000 people or so. Meanwhile, those seven northeast states have a population of 34,480,814, or one store for every 322,000 people.

Yankee Candle’s latest publicly reported revenue was $844 million in 2013. While I may never know the exact financial number to what I wondered, I know more today and can likely conclude that Yankee Candle sells at least twice as well in the northeast than it does in the south. Not really a surprise, but I feel better having done some research.


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