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Stop it with two thousand and ten already

I heard it on the radio again the other day. Two thousand and ten. As in the year, 2010. When will we all convert to twenty-ten? And twenty-eleven next year? Trying to make Americans change gears is next to impossible. Look how quickly we respond to natural disasters in the Gulf and how we could never adopt fully the metric system.

It’s time we transition to twenty-ten. It’s only been a full decade now. OK, “the year two thousand” was cute and dramatic at the same time. But the year before that was nineteen ninety-nine. I suppose that in 89 years we’ll be saying “two thousand and ninety-nine”. Come on. It’ll be twenty-ninety-nine. If we’re lucky.

Then name 2001 and Sept. 11. 9-11-01. Two thousand and one. Have to leave that one alone.

So by 2002, we should have removed ourselves from two thousand and two, but no. Eight years later, we’re still at it.

Look at history. Do we say that WWI started in nineteen hundred and fourteen or one thousand nine hundred and fourteen? No, we say nineteen-fourteen. So in three years, should we say two thousand fourteen or twenty-fourteen. I think you know the answer.


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Hannity needs to understand what’s really personal

During Tuesday’s radio show, Sean Hannity told Cindy Sheehan, “Don’t get personal,” during their heated discussion about the Iraq War.

Don’t get personal? Sean, get real. One of the reasons the U.S. is in this war is a personal vendetta that our president held against Saddam Hussein for his attempted assassination of the current president’s father, George H.W. Bush.  There were no weapons of mass destruction. Our oil prices are higher, not lower, than they were five years ago. The war was not about WMDs. It was not “all about the oil,” as so many professed in the days leading up to the war. It was personal, and now the entire world has to pay because President Bush decided to stick up for his daddy.

That’s getting personal, Sean.

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